Sewing Machine Thread Cone Holder

Since I started sewing, I've been amazed how quickly I can run through a single spool of thread.

The Necchi Supernova I got recently had only one of its thread spindles.

Cones are just cool.

A mostly 3D printed cone holder mounted atop the Necchi Supernova, holding two cones of thread, one black, one white.

Considering the points above, I resolved to make a thread cone holder that sits atop the Necchi Supernova. After pulling out the remaining thread spindle, I measured the distance and diameter of the two holes, then printed a double peg to fit them both. This supports the cones and their spindles, as well as a telescoping antenna that I found in the trash a while back that serves as the thread guide. Cones are meant to pay off the top, so this antenna holds an arm with two hooks centered over the spindles. The thread goes from the cones, over the corresponding hook, then downward to the machine. It works great, the telescoping holder lets me adjust the height, and it still holds regular spools. All in all, a successful little project.

If you have a Supernova and are interested in making one, I've uploaded the model to Printables. It's released CC-BY-SA 4.0, modeled with FreeCAD. It should be readily adaptable to other machines, and for other vitamins that you may have on hand for the spindles and thread guide support.