A Cabinet for The Necchi Supernova

I recently found a Singer 15-91 in a № 40 Queen Anne cabinet in a nearby city for $50, so my partner and I made the drive over to pick it up. The machine isn't in the best cosmetic shape, but it's rust-free and moves smoothly, and I have big plans for it. But that's not what this post is about. Instead, it's about fitting my Necchi Supernova, with its 16½” base, into that Singer № 40 cabinet.

A view of the Necchi Supernova in the Singer № 40 cabinet.

The original machine has a 14½” base, but the cabinet's hole was two inches wider for the spring lift assist mechanism. In other words, the Supernova should fit, but there were parts in the way. So of course, that lift mechanism was the first thing to come out. Three big wood screws held it in place, one of which is hard to reach straight-on.

Then I mounted the machine, but it couldn't fold down into the table fully. A small wooden block was in the way, intending to act as a stop for the now removed lift mechanism.

Again, it was a simple matter of unscrewing two screws, and the pieces can be kept in case I ever want to put the original machine back.

With all the parts removed, it was a fairly simple job to rewire the Supernova's plug to connect to the cabinet's pedal-turned-knee-lever, and it was as if the cabinet and machine were made for each other.